Foodie Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

Foodie Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

It’s that time again! With just over a month until December 25, we’re bringing you a roundup of our favourite, foodie gift ideas for the festive season. After all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving something that’s been freshly baked or prepared by a loved one?

Plus, making something by hand for friends and family isn’t just thoughtful, it could also work out cheaper.

Read on for our top picks for Christmas 2023…

Christmas Cookies

BBC Good Food always comes up trumps when it comes to recipes, but the site really turns things up a notch or two during the festive season.

We love the look of these vanilla cookies, which can also be used to decorate your tree. An edible Christmas tree decoration is surely the best

To make the cookies, you’ll need icing sugar, vanilla extract, an egg yolk, butter, and plain flour, with extra ingredients required for decorating them – find the full recipe via the link above and give these to a friend or relative, displayed in a gorgeous glass jar or Christmas tin.

Christmas Cookies

Turkish Delight

Okay, so Turkish Delight might not be the first sweet treat to spring to mind when you think about a traditional Christmas, but it’s a deliciously decadent treat nonetheless. We reckon that makes it perfect for the festive period, then. 

Homemade Turkish Delight makes a lovely gift. Wrap it up in parchment paper, tied with some twine, before popping it in a tin and presenting it to a pal. Hey, if you’re really stuck for a Secret Santa gift for that hard-to-buy-for work colleague, this could well be it.

Find a recipe for Turkish Delight here – and resist tucking in once you’ve prepared it.

Turkish Delight

Mince Pies

What would Christmas be without mince pies? We know you can buy them, but there’s nothing more festive than having a bash at making them. The spices will fill your kitchen with beautifully Christmassy scents and then you can sneak a mince pie for yourself once they’re ready. Shhh, we won’t tell anyone.

Again, add these to a Kilner-style jar tied with a ribbon...and you have yourself a top tier Christmas gift right there. We like this recipe via Jane’s Patisserie, if you’re asking.

Baking Mince Pies

Christmas Chutney

Here’s one for those who’d rather tuck into something savoury: Christmas chutney, which is perfect when accompanied with their favourite cheese.

Nigella provides the goods via this tasty-looking recipe – we can’t wait to try it; can you? 

No need to buy a glass jar especially; just recycle an old jam jar and decant your homemade chutney into this. Gift it to a handful of folks this Christmas; you’ll have nine 250ml-sized jars to fill once you’ve made this batch!

If you’re feeling really generous, you can add this chutney to a specially chosen board, complete with a handful of cheeses – an impressive gift for someone you love.

Cheese Board

Easy Christmas Cake

Ever made a Christmas cake from scratch? No, neither have we – but every year we vow to. If time’s short, try this easy recipe and you’ll be glad you did. So will the friend or family member who receives it this year.

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