Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our website – the Cooking Corner! At MyAppliances, we've always been passionate about helping you create delicious meals in your own kitchen. Now, we're taking that passion to a whole new level with our brand-new blog dedicated to cooking recipes, tips, and tricks.

  • Seasonal Recipes for Easter and Beyond
    Recipes - The Cooking Corner

    Seasonal Recipes for Easter and Beyond

    Easter is mere weeks away (Sunday, March 31), so to help you prepare for the long weekend, we’re bringing you some recipes you’ll love!

  • Foodie Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023
    Recipes - The Cooking Corner

    Foodie Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

    With just over a month until December 25, we’re bringing you a roundup of our favourite, foodie gift ideas for the festive season. After all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving something that’s been freshly baked or prepared by a loved one?

  • Five Things to Bake This Autumn
    Recipes - The Cooking Corner

    Five Things to Bake This Autumn

    The Great British Bake Off is back on our TV screens and, we don’t know about you, but all that talk of cake, bread and biscuits has left us raring to get our pinnies on and get baking. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve pulled together some cosy, autumnal recipes you’ll want to try during October and beyond. 

  • Simplify Food Prep and Cooking: Here’s How
    Recipes - The Cooking Corner

    Simplify Food Prep and Cooking: Here’s How

    If cooking from scratch isn’t a regular occurrence – and you instead revert to grabbing something from the freezer to pop in the oven – our simple hacks should help you escape a food rut. 

  • Comforting Pasta Dishes for Autumn
    Recipes - The Cooking Corner

    Comforting Pasta Dishes for Autumn

    Autumn is here, which means you can look forward to cooking all your favourite comfort dishes to get you through the colder evenings – and when it comes to comfort food, we can’t think of anything better than pasta.

  • Tasty Autumnal Slow Cooker Meals
    Recipes - The Cooking Corner

    Tasty Autumnal Slow Cooker Meals

    Keen to dig out your slow cooker and start actually using it? Autumn is the perfect time to make some tasty meals, so read on for some of our favourite recipes and ideas for the new season…

Why Cooking Corner?

We understand that the heart of any great meal lies in the tools and techniques you use. That's why, as a kitchen appliance store, we're uniquely positioned to bring you top-notch advice on how to make the most of your culinary creations. Our blog is your go-to resource for all things cooking-related, from beginner-friendly recipes to advanced chef-level techniques.

What to Expect

Our Cooking Corner blog will be your culinary companion, offering a wide range of content to satisfy all your cooking needs:

  • Mouth-watering Recipes: Dive into a world of flavour with our carefully curated collection of recipes. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a newbie in the kitchen, we have something for everyone. From quick and easy weeknight dinners to gourmet feasts, our recipes are designed to inspire and delight.

  • Appliance Tips: Discover the full potential of your kitchen appliances! We'll share expert advice on how to use and maintain your appliances to ensure they last a lifetime and continue to enhance your cooking experience.

  • Ingredient Spotlights: Learn about the finest ingredients that can elevate your dishes to new heights. We'll introduce you to exotic spices, unique herbs, and fresh produce, guiding you on how to incorporate them into your cooking.

  • Cooking Techniques: Master the art of cooking with step-by-step tutorials on various techniques. Whether you want to perfect your knife skills, learn to create restaurant-quality sauces, or achieve the perfect sear, our guides will help you become a culinary pro.

  • Kitchen Hacks: Time-saving tricks, smart substitutions, and clever kitchen hacks – we'll reveal the secrets that make cooking a breeze, so you can enjoy more time at the table with your loved ones.

Stay Tuned for More

Our team is dedicated to bringing you fresh and exciting content regularly. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next meal, expert advice on kitchen appliances, or simply a delightful read about all things food-related, Cooking Corner is your one-stop destination.

So, grab your apron, dust off your kitchen gadgets, and get ready to explore the wonderful world of cooking with us. At MyAppliances, we're not just selling kitchen appliances; we're helping you become a culinary maestro in your own home.

Stay tuned for our first recipe post, where we'll take you on a delicious journey that combines the art of cooking with the science of kitchen appliances. Until then, happy cooking!