Can I plug my oven into a normal socket?

Can I plug an induction hob into a normal socket

Induction hobs are generally meant to be hardwired into your electrical system rather than being plugged into a standard electrical socket. This is due to the fact that induction hobs require a higher amount of power to function correctly however there are exceptions.

13 Amp / Plug and Play Induction Hobs

A "13 amp plug and play" induction hob refers to an induction hob that is designed for easy installation by plugging it into a standard 13 amp electrical socket, without the need for intricate hardwiring or specialized electrical connections. In the context of UK electrical systems, a standard 13 amp socket is a prevalent type of electrical outlet found in homes and is suitable for devices with lower power requirements.

The term "plug and play" signifies that this particular type of induction hob is intended for uncomplicated installation. You simply need to plug it into a compatible 13 amp socket, and it should be ready for use. This is different from traditional induction hobs that often necessitate professional hardwiring into the electrical system due to their higher power needs.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of a 13 Plug and Play Induction Hob


  1. Simple Installation: A significant benefit of a 13 amp plug and play induction hob is its uncomplicated installation. You can effortlessly plug it into a standard 13 amp electrical socket without the need for specialised wiring or professional help.

  2. Convenience: These hobs are designed for swift and trouble-free setup, making them suitable for renters or individuals who prefer to avoid intricate installation processes.

  3. Portability: Because they can be easily plugged in and unplugged, these induction hobs are more portable and can be relocated to different areas as required.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Similar to other induction hobs, they generally offer energy efficiency as they directly heat the cookware using magnetic fields, resulting in quicker cooking times and reduced wasted heat.

  5. Safety Features: Many induction hobs come with safety features such as automatic shut-off, child locks, and temperature control, ensuring a safer cooking experience.


  1. Limited Power: 13 amp plug and play induction hobs are typically designed for lower power consumption. This means they might have restrictions concerning the number and size of pots and pans you can use simultaneously, as well as the overall cooking power.

  2. Performance: While these hobs can handle basic cooking tasks effectively, they might not provide the same level of performance and flexibility as larger, more powerful induction hobs.

  3. Cooking Flexibility: Due to their limited power, you might encounter challenges when attempting to cook certain dishes that require higher temperatures or more intense heat.

  4. Durability: Depending on the specific model and build quality, some 13 amp plug and play induction hobs might have slightly less robust construction compared to their larger counterparts.

  5. Kitchen Space: These hobs are generally smaller in size, which can be advantageous for compact kitchens but might limit the available cooking area.

  6. Longevity: Since they are often designed for ease of installation and portability, they might not be as long-lasting or as durable as more permanently installed induction hobs.

In summary, a 13 amp plug and play induction hob offers easy installation and convenience, making it suitable for specific situations. However, it comes with limitations in terms of power, performance, and cooking flexibility. Consider your cooking needs, kitchen space, and preferences when deciding whether this type of induction hob is suitable for you.

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