Induction Hob Buying Guide

Induction Hob Buying Guide

Economical and well-designed, our induction hobs here at MyAppliances come in a range of sizes and are easy to install, too. With an array of power levels to ensure instant heat at the touch of the button, appliances like these here on the site offer a swift cooking experience for busy homeowners. Read on to discover more via our handy buyers' guide.

Few things look sleeker than our induction hobs here at MyAppliances. Contemporary yet extremely simple to use, our 60cm hobs with four rings offer up to nine power levels to provide instant heat at the touch of a button.

Effortlessly working with your current décor while not taking up too much room, hobs like these will fast prove a great purchase.

We also offer a 77cm induction hob if you prefer a larger hob with more room to work with.

In a chic black shade, our best-selling induction hob here on the site will slot into any kitchen. Pair it with a neutral colour scheme or add it to a kitchen which utilises bright shades to tone down the look.

Fast and efficient, our induction hobs are highly response, which means you can rely on them to provide the heat you need, right from the very first use.

With a magnetic field to generate heat, these hobs are simple to clean and are also kind to the environment. It works by heating up the food in your pans whilst the zones.

There's also a handy child lock, which stops prying hands operating the hob, and an auto pan detection system ensures no energy is wasted.

Installation is quick and easy, but do always ask a professional to help you with this. Most of our induction hobs are installed using a 32amp fused spur unit.