Ceramic Hob Buying Guide

Ceramic Hob Buying Guide

Extremely easy to use, our ceramic hobs are a dream to clean, too. With handy touch control features, these appliances offer value for money and a fuss-free way to cook. Discover more about our full range by reading our buyers' guide:

We have different sized ceramic hobs including the standard 60cm which will fit perfect into the average sized kitchen. If you are looking for something with a bit of edge and a different shape we have various ceramic hobs in the following sizes; 77cm, 90cm and 100cm.

Black is the safest colour when it comes to fitting a hob; it's unlikely to go out of fashion and it'll always look cleaner than other shades. With a sleek appearance, our black ceramic hobs are easy to wipe clean and will look good in both a traditional and modern kitchen.

Our ceramic hobs offer you a touch of class to your kitchen with easy touch controls giving you maximum control over the heat.

We offer one ceramic hob with 3 cooking zones and the rest have 4 zones, all extremely responsive and highly effective when cooking your food. Using hyperspeed technology, hobs like this offer easy cooking and excellent value for money from the very first use. Not only do our ceramic hobs look stylish, they perform well too, with a residual heat indicator light telling you when the hob's surface is too hot to touch.

Always ensure you employ a professional to fit your hob, but you’ll be pleased to discover the installation process is simple and quick and is installed using a 32amp fused spur unit.