Edesa ART29509 70/30 Built-In Combi Fridge Freezer Manual Defrost

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  • White Finish
  • Fridge 179 Litres Capacity
  • Freezer 65 Litres Capacity
  • Glass Shelves
  • LED Lighting
  • Door Furniture Required
  • 5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour

ART29509 Product Overview

Elevate your kitchen experience with our state-of-the-art fridge freezer, designed to meet all your culinary needs. Featuring a sleek and elegant white finish that seamlessly complements modern kitchens, this appliance combines a capacious 179 litres fridge and a generous 65 litres freezer for all your storage requirements. The durable glass shelves make organisation a breeze, while energy-efficient LED lighting ensures clear visibility and minimises energy consumption. Customise your fridge with door furniture of your choice to match your kitchen's unique style. And for your peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive 5-year parts guarantee and a 2-year labour guarantee, reaffirming our commitment to quality and support for your kitchen. Upgrade today to unlock the full potential of your culinary adventures.

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Sleek and Elegant White Finish for Modern Kitchens 

Our fridge freezer features a sleek and elegant white finish that not only enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen but also adds a touch of modern sophistication. This pristine white interior seamlessly blends with contemporary kitchen décor, creating a stylish focal point while complementing your overall design. Elevate your kitchen's visual appeal with this premium finish, turning it into a showcase of both style and functionality.

Spacious 179 Litres Fridge for Fresh Food Storage 

Experience the luxury of abundant space with our fridge's capacious 179 litres fridge compartment. Say goodbye to cramped storage and hello to the freedom of keeping your groceries fresh and well-organised. From fresh produce to leftovers, our spacious fridge offers flexibility in storage and minimises food waste, ensuring that every meal is a delight and every ingredient is within easy reach.

Generous 65 Litres Freezer for Frozen Delicacies 

Our fridge freezer is equipped with a generous 65 litres freezer compartment, providing ample room for your frozen delicacies. Whether you're a fan of frozen desserts, a bulk shopper, or simply want to stock up on essentials, this freezer can accommodate your needs. With the assurance of spacious frozen storage, you can keep your favourite frozen treats and ingredients on hand, ready to satisfy your cravings or prepare delicious meals.

Durable Glass Shelves for Easy Organisation 

Enjoy the durability and convenience of glass shelves in our fridge freezer. These robust shelves not only provide stable support for your items but also make organisation a breeze. Easily adjust the shelves to accommodate taller items, and enjoy the clear visibility that glass offers. No more guesswork when searching for that jar of pickles or bottle of your favourite beverage—everything is neatly organised and easily accessible.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting for Clear Visibility 

Illuminate your fridge freezer with energy-efficient LED lighting, offering clear and uniform brightness throughout the interior. This lighting not only enhances visibility but also contributes to energy savings. Say goodbye to dark corners and hello to a well-lit space where you can quickly locate your items, reducing the chances of overlooking food items and minimising food waste. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and energy efficiency.

Customisable with Door Furniture of Your Choice 

Personalise your fridge freezer by adding door furniture of your choice. Whether it's decorative handles, stylish panels, or custom finishes, you have the freedom to tailor your appliance to match your kitchen's unique style. This level of customisation allows you to create a seamless and harmonious kitchen design while expressing your personality through your appliance choices.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with a 5-Year Parts Guarantee 

We stand behind the quality of our fridge freezer with a generous 5-year parts guarantee. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your appliance is built to last, and in the unlikely event that any parts require attention, we have you covered. Invest in a reliable and durable appliance that ensures your kitchen runs smoothly.

Plus a 2-Year Labour Guarantee for Added Assurance 

In addition to our parts guarantee, we offer a 2-year labour guarantee, providing you with comprehensive coverage for your fridge freezer. This added assurance means that not only are the parts protected, but our skilled technicians are also ready to assist you should any labour-related issues arise. Rest easy knowing that your appliance is backed by our commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind.


Key Information

5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee
Product Dimensions
540mm x 540mm x 1776mm
Product Weight

Appliance Specifics

Energy Rating
Fridge Capacity
179 Litres
Freezer Capacity
65 Litres
Fridge Dairy Compartment
Defrost Type
Egg Tray
Fridge Freezer Layout
Fridge Over Freezer
Reversible Door(s)
Fridge Freezer Split
Lighting Type
Door Racks
Number of Fridge Shelves
Shelf Material
Number of Freezer Drawers
Number of Salad Crispers
Adjustable Feet
Décor Door Fixing
Slider Mechanism


Power Requirements
Plug-in (Refrigeration)
Cable Included
Plug Fitted
Fuse Rating
13 Amp

Customer reviews

3.8 / 5
4 reviews for Edesa ART29509 70/30 Built-In Combi Fridge Freezer Manual Defrost
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Written on 13/02/2024
Arrived damaged
Rated 2 out of 5
William Reilly
Written on 14/10/2020
This product. Is excellent the fridge freezer is great value for money 👍
Rated 4 out of 5
William Reilly
Written on 07/10/2020
Good product inside furniture is of good quality never had a complaint off any my customers
Rated 4 out of 5
William Reilly
Written on 07/10/2020
Great product at a reasonable price 👍
Rated 5 out of 5