Econolux ART29178 13a Plug ECOboost Bridge Induction Hob

Code: ART29178
  • Black Pro Satin Glass
  • 4 Cooking Zones (1 Bridge)
  • Just Plug In And Go
  • Timer with 4 x ECOBoost
  • Pause / Keep Warm Functions
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • Touch Control Operation
  • Auto Pan Detection System

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Stainless Steel Wok

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Cooking With The Latest Technology

This fantastic 60cm frameless induction hob gives you four responsive cooking zones using the very latest hyper speed technology. The sleek black glass provides modern finish to any kitchen design.

How it works
These fast and ultra-efficient hobs are highly responsive as they use a magnetic field to generate heat, so using this induction hob is much quicker than using a gas or electric hob. This makes it an efficient way to cook your meals, and great news for you and the environment. In order for Induction hobs to work correctly, you do need ferrous metal based pans. Full details on this are in the User Handbook.

Plug and Play
A low power consumption which can operate via a 13amp plug. Induction hobs have traditionally required a high current mains consumer unit supply but not this model, giving greater installation flexibility.

The hob will regulate the power if multiple zones are used in order to keep the total power down and suitable for a 13amp supply. This means that you will not be able to run all zones on full power at the same time

Touch Control
Easy to use control panel. You can control your hob with a simple touch of a finger. Select the cooking zone and the power level with ease. 

Power Levels
With up to 9 power levels you have the flexibility to suit your cooking needs. The different levels offer you a much more controlled experience.  

The hob will regulate the power if multiple zones are used in order to keep the total power down and suitable for a 13amp supply. This means that you will not be able to run all zones on full power at the same time.

Using the 99 minute timer, you can set the exact time your food requires so you do not have to worry about your meal over cooking

Auto Pan Detection System
If your pan is undetected the hob will not work. This is why they are so much more energy efficient.

Easy Cleaning
To obtain the best results from your induction hob, simply wipe down with a damp cloth after use and it will look as good as new. Please make sure that the heat indicator has gone off and the hob is cool to touch.

Safety Features
Thermostatic temperature control, automatically switching off when reaching the desired temperature, similar to how central heating systems work.

A fantastic safety feature is the residual heat indicator. The letter 'H' appears and will flash to warn you when the surface is still too hot to touch.  

Child lock stops prying hands operating the hob.                  


Key Information

Product Dimensions
590mm x 520mm x 60mm
Width Category
5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour

Hob Specifics

Hob Surface
Toughened Safety Glass
Fuel Type
Control Type
Touch Control
Residual Heat Indicator
Control Panel Position
Number of Burners / Zones
Child Safety Lock
Zone Type


Power Requirements
Plug-in (Induction Hob)
Plug Fitted
Fuse Rating
13 or 32 Amp
Cut Out Size
565mm x 495mm
Maximum Power Rating
2800 Watts

Customer reviews

3.8 / 5
5 reviews for Econolux ART29178 13a Plug ECOboost Bridge Induction Hob
Trustpilot customer reviews
Written on 14/10/2020
Appears good value for money and easy to fit
Rated 5 out of 5
Stuart White
Written on 08/10/2020
I was disappointed that you can only use all of the hobs on half power. Because it is a 13amp pug in unit there is not enough power to run all hobs at full power (9) together. You can only run 3 on (7) together. If I had realised this, I would not of bought the unit.
Rated 1 out of 5
Written on 07/10/2020
Easy install great price
Rated 5 out of 5
Julie Birchall
Written on 07/10/2020
Looks good and performs as stated.
Rated 5 out of 5
Roc Strongo
Written on 07/10/2020
Powered of a plug is the main sell, for me, about this product. I also liked the bridge function, or so I thought.
I obviously misunderstood what was meant by "bridge". Whether it was the wording in the description, or me just having a senior moment, I took "bridge" to mean the ability to use larger pots, in effect bridging between the two hot plates, this creating a larger heating area.
Apparently, all it does is give me the ability to move a small pot from the one bridged ring to the other, where the latter will mirror the temperature setting of the former without the need for human intervention.
Not so much of a bridge, really. If I'd known, I would not have bought.
Hey ho, buyer beware etc...
Rated 3 out of 5