Our Simple Guide to the Most Common Oven Functions

Our Simple Guide to the Most Common Oven Functions

In every British kitchen, the oven is an indispensable culinary ally, but its array of functions can be bewildering. Whether you're a seasoned cook or just starting out, our guide aims to demystify your oven, making it an accessible tool for all. We'll unravel the purposes of conventional, grill, convection, grill, and more, empowering you to make the most of your oven's capabilities. From Sunday roasts to delectable desserts, we'll equip you with the knowledge to master your oven and create impressive dishes. So, let's dive into our guide and unleash your culinary potential with this kitchen essential.

True Fan Oven Cooking Function Symbol

True Fan

True fan, also known as "Fan-forced" or "Forced Convection," circulates hot air evenly throughout the oven cavity.

Use: Ideal for baking and roasting as it ensures consistent heat distribution, making it perfect for achieving even cooking and browning on multiple trays or dishes simultaneously.

Fan Assisted Oven Cooking Function Symbol

Fan Assisted

Fan-assisted mode circulates hot air with the heating element at the back of the oven, providing uniform heat.

Use: Great for baking cookies, cakes, and delicate pastries, as well as roasting meats and vegetables evenly.

Static Oven Cooking Function Symbol


Conventional cooking uses the top and bottom heating elements without the fan, creating a traditional, radiant heat source.

Use: Ideal for traditional baking, such as bread and cakes, where a slight variation in heat from top to bottom can be advantageous.

Grill Oven Cooking Function Symbol


The grill activates the upper heating element to produce intense direct heat from above.

Use: Perfect for melting cheese on dishes, achieving a crispy top layer on casseroles, or quickly browning the surface of meats.

Grill with Fan Oven Cooking Function Symbol

Grill with Fan

Combines the grill element with the fan, evenly distributing heat for even grilling.

Use: Ideal for grilling larger cuts of meat, ensuring thorough cooking and browning without constant flipping.

Lower Heat Oven Cooking Function Symbol

Lower Heat

Utilizes only the lower heating element, providing gentle, low-level heat.

Use: Useful for keeping dishes warm, slow cooking, or dehydrating foods like fruits or herbs.

True Fan Full Bake Oven Cooking Function Symbol

True Fan Full Bake

A combination of fan-forced convection and bottom heating, ensuring even baking.

Use: Excellent for achieving consistent results when baking multiple items on different shelves or when precision is required for delicate pastries.

Defrost Oven Cooking Function Symbol


Operates at a very low temperature, using minimal heat to defrost frozen food items.

Use: Perfect for safely defrosting meats, vegetables, and other frozen foods, preventing them from partially cooking during the thawing process.

Light Oven Cooking Function Symbol


Activates the oven's interior light without heating elements.

Use: Primarily used for checking the progress of your cooking without opening the oven door and losing heat, especially useful for delicate items like soufflés.

In conclusion

Understanding these oven functions and their applications will help you make the most of your oven, ensuring your dishes turn out delicious every time.