Maintaining and Cleaning your Integrated Fridge Freezer

Maintaining and Cleaning your Integrated Fridge Freezer

In our latest article, we’re bringing you some advice for ensuring one of your most-used kitchen appliances can be easily kept in optimum condition. Read on for our top tips…

How do you keep an integrated fridge freezer clean? 

Begin by Disconnecting the Appliance from the Mains

For everyday cleaning, you probably won’t need to disconnect your fridge freezer. If, however, you’re keen to do a deep clean, it’s a good idea to disconnect it from the mains supply. Do this and you can begin removing any food, before getting down to cleaning it.

Remove Any Food

Remove any items from both the fridge and freezer sections of your integrated fridge freezer. Pack them into cooling bags as you go and ensure everything is stored in a cool, dry place while you clean.

You’ll want to work relatively quickly, to ensure that frozen food doesn’t begin to thaw – so have those cooler bags close to hand and get ready to start tending to the inside of your appliance!

Take Your Fridge Freezer Apart

The best way to give your fridge freezer a thorough clean is to take it apart first – and by that we mean removing any detachable parts (such as shelves, racks, and drawers). Consult the manual your appliance came with, to work out how to do this without damaging any of the separate parts.

Now, simply wash each part in warm, soapy water. You’ll want to use a non-abrasive dishcloth or sponge and good old washing up liquid. You could also mix half a litre of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, wiping the inside of the fridge and door seal with this homemade solution.

Once you’ve scrubbed everything, dry each section with a clean cloth – and there you have it, a clean and well-maintained fridge freezer!

How often should you clean your integrated fridge freezer?

As often as it needs it! Clean up daily spills and stains as you go – and as you spot them. But make sure to give your fridge and freezer a deep clean semi-regularly too. By doing so, you’ll be keeping odours at bay while ensuring you fridge freezer looks spic and span too.

On top of that, by keeping your fridge freezer clean, you’ll also be boosting its longevity. After all, you’ll want to ensure you get the best value possible if you’ve invested in a fridge freezer.

Your Fridge Freezer Checklist

Didn’t have time to read this blog? Here’s your handy, at-a-glance list of jobs (and ingredients!) to help you keep your fridge freezer looking as clean as possible.

  • Disconnect it from the mains
  • Remove all detachable parts, such as drawers, racks and shelving
  • Use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge (soaked in lukewarm water and either washing up liquid, or a mixture of half a litre of water with a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda) to wipe and scrub your fridge freezer
  • Dry each section with a clean, dry, and non-abrasive cloth.