Integrated vs. Freestanding Fridge Freezers: Pros and Cons

Integrated vs. Freestanding Fridge Freezers: Pros and Cons

Currently have a freestanding fridge freezer but considering purchasing an integrated model? Or perhaps you have an integrated version and want to instead opt for a freestanding fridge freezer.

In our handy guide, we explore the pros and cons of both kind of fridge freezer, to help you make the right decision for you. Read on…

Integrated Fridge Freezers: Pros

Integrated Fridge Freezers: Pros

They Complement a Contemporary Aesthetic

Planning a modern-looking kitchen? Built-in fridge freezers will look great in your space, as they tend to be more on trend than their freestanding counterparts.

The integrated fridge freezer will need to be factored into your kitchen at the point of its design though; they tend not to be slotted in at a later stage, since they must be able to fit seamlessly around your chosen cabinetry.

They May Offer More Innovative Features

In-built fridge freezers tend to be more modern in design and functionality than freestanding versions, which means you may be able to find a model that really packs a punch in terms of features.

Integrated Fridge Freezers: Cons

They’re Not Always as Practical

The units that make up your integrated fridge freezer tend to be more difficult to access than their freestanding counterparts. This can make any repair work less than straightforward. That said, your manufacturer’s warranty should cover any necessary issues and lessen the potential financial burden of costly repairs.

The Storage Capacity Can be Lacking

You may like the look of integrated fridge freezers, but the storage space is generally smaller than that of a freestanding model. This is because integrated versions tend to be smaller overall. This is well worth considering if you have a large family and therefore need all the fridge and freezer space you can get, you may want to opt for a freestanding version.

Freestanding Fridge Freezers: Pros

Freestanding Fridge Freezers: Pros

They Can Be Moved Around the Room with Relative Ease

Fancy altering the layout of your kitchen? Perhaps you’d like to move the dining table elsewhere, which may mean freeing up some space by moving your fridge freezer.

A freestanding fridge freezer allows you to do just that; simply position it wherever you’d like it and watch your (rather straightforward) kitchen makeover take shape.

They’re Easier to Maintain

Require some emergency repairs on your freestanding fridge freezer? Or maybe you just want to play your part in keeping it in tip top condition, by regularly giving it a good clean externally.

If you know a handyman (or woman), you might want to get it inspected regularly – and all these things are much more easily done with a freestanding model.

Freestanding Fridge Freezers: Cons

They Don’t Offer as Streamlined an Aesthetic

Freestanding freezers, while they certainly serve a purpose, don’t always look as good as integrated models, which are designed to slot straight into your kitchen with ease. Your kitchen designer will map out your new kitchen with your integrated fridge freezer in mind, ensuring it works seamlessly with your cabinetry.

They Usually Have Shorter Life Spans

They may look good – and be great for maximising the height of your room – but freestanding fridge freezers tend to have shorter life spans than built-in versions. That said, if you’re someone who doesn’t stay in one property for too long, this may not prove too much of an issue.

If you’re ready to buy either a freestanding or integrated fridge freezer, we hope our guide has provided some useful food for thought.