Cata ART29216 60cm FlexInduction hob with TFT Display

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  • Black Glass
  • 4 Cooking Zones (2 Flex)
  • 30% Extra Cooking Space
  • Hi Def Colour TFT Display
  • Timer with 4 x Speed Boost Zones
  • Pause / Keep Warm Functions
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • Touch Control Operation
  • Auto Pan Detection System
  • 32amp Connection.

This flex zone induction hob boasts a range of features that enhance your cooking experience. The black glass provides a sleek and durable material that is easy to clean, while the 30% extra cooking space feature allows you to prepare multiple dishes at once. The hi-def colour TFT display and touch control operation features provide a clear and easy-to-read display that allows you to make precise adjustments to the temperature and power settings. The timer with 4 x speed boost zones feature provides a faster and more efficient way of cooking, while the pause/keep warm functions provide a convenient way to manage your cooking process. The residual heat indicator feature ensures that the hob is safe and easy to use, and the auto pan detection system ensures that the heat is distributed evenly and that your food is cooked to perfection, while also ensuring that the hob is safe and efficient.

Full description

Smart Home Radio Frequency Compatible

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60cm Freezone IQ Colour TFT Display Induction Hob

The induction hob's black glass is a dual-purpose feature, offering both striking aesthetics and practical durability. Its sleek design elevates the visual appeal of any kitchen, while its scratch-resistant surface ensures longevity. The modern, black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your cooking space, seamlessly blending with various kitchen styles and themes.

Enhancing your culinary journey, the hi def colour TFT display feature delivers clarity and convenience. This advanced display showcases precise temperature, cooking time, and power settings for each cooking zone, facilitating seamless control. Particularly beneficial for culinary experimentation, this feature provides quick access to essential information, simplifying the management of multiple dishes simultaneously.

An innovative addition, the timer with 4 x speed boost zones feature revolutionises cooking efficiency. By enabling accelerated cooking up to four times faster than conventional methods, this function is a game-changer for busy schedules or last-minute meal preparations. Whether it's a swift weekday dinner or a rushed breakfast, this feature ensures timely and efficient cooking.

For effortless cooking management, the pause/keep warm functions offer unparalleled convenience. With the ability to temporarily halt the cooking process or maintain warmth, this feature accommodates interruptions or adjustments seamlessly. Ideal for multitasking or accommodating unexpected interruptions, it ensures culinary endeavours proceed smoothly, without compromising on quality or timing.

Moreover, the induction hob's auto pan detection system guarantees precision and safety in cooking. By intelligently adapting to various cookware sizes and shapes, it ensures even heat distribution and optimal cooking results. This feature not only enhances culinary outcomes but also promotes kitchen safety, providing users with peace of mind throughout the cooking process.


Key Information

Product Dimensions
590mm x 520mm x 90mm
Width Category
5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee

Hob Specifics

Hob Surface
Toughened Safety Glass
Fuel Type
Control Type
Colour TFT Display
Residual Heat Indicator
Control Panel Position
Control Panel Protection
Auto Pan Detection System
Overflow Protection
Auto-safety Shut-off
Small Object Detection
Pause Function
Number of Cooking Zones
Number of Boost Zones
Child Safety Lock
Zone Type


Power Requirements
Requires Dedicated Power Supply
Cable Included
Fuse Rating
32 Amp
Cut Out Size
565mm x 495mm

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