How does a vented hob work

How does a vented hob work

A vented hob, also known as a downdraft hob, is revolutionising kitchen ventilation. This innovative appliance integrates a ventilation system directly into the cooking surface, offering a sleek and space-saving solution for kitchens. Let's delve into how these hobs work and why they're gaining popularity among homeowners.

Cooking Surface

At the heart of a vented hob lies its cooking surface, similar to that of a traditional hob. Here, cooking zones powered by induction provide the platform for culinary creativity.

Integrated Ventilation System

What distinguishes a vented hob is its seamlessly integrated ventilation system. Typically, this system comprises vents or grates strategically positioned around the perimeter of the cooking surface. Some models feature retractable downdraft vents that elegantly rise when needed and discreetly retract when not in use.

Capturing Steam and Smoke

During cooking, steam, smoke, and odours naturally arise. Unlike conventional hobs, where these elements disperse into the kitchen air, vented hobs efficiently capture them through strategically placed vents.

Airflow Direction

Once captured, the ventilation system directs steam, smoke, and odours downwards. Fans or blowers, situated beneath the cooking surface, facilitate this downward airflow.

Filtration and Exhaust

Before being released back into the kitchen or vented outside, the captured air undergoes filtration. Specialised filters trap grease, odours, and other impurities, ensuring cleaner air circulation. Some models expel air outside via ductwork, while others recirculate it after passing through additional charcoal filters.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Vented hobs excel in capturing cooking by-products directly at the source, enhancing their effectiveness. However, performance may vary based on factors such as the ventilation system's power, filter quality, and proximity of pots and pans to the vents.


To maintain optimal performance, regular maintenance is essential. Cleaning or replacing filters as needed ensures efficient airflow and filtration.


In summary, vented hobs offer a convenient and space-saving solution for kitchens, seamlessly integrating ventilation into the cooking experience. Their innovative design enhances both functionality and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for modern kitchen layouts.