What is a good size oven capacity?

What is a good size oven capacity?

When considering the purchase of a new built-in oven, an important decision to make is whether to opt for a single or double oven. Additionally, if you choose a single oven, determining the appropriate size or capacity becomes crucial. 

Within this buying guide, we will explore various built-in oven sizes, including the capacities of double ovens and single ovens. We will also discuss the factors to consider when deciding the internal capacity that suits your requirements for the new oven.

What is the average single oven capacity?

What is the standard single oven capacity?

Oven capacity refers to the internal volume or space available inside an oven for cooking and baking purposes.

The average capacity of a single oven is typically around 60 litres. This means that the oven can accommodate various types and sizes of cookware, including baking trays, casserole dishes, and roasting pans.  

What is the average double oven capacity?

The average capacity of a double oven in the UK typically ranges between 70 and 100 litres in total. This capacity is divided between the two oven compartments, with the main cavity generally having a larger capacity compared to the secondary cavity. The specific capacity of each oven compartment may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Double ovens offer the benefit of separate cooking spaces, enabling you to cook different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. This extra capacity provides flexibility and convenience, especially when preparing meals for larger gatherings or cooking multiple dishes with varying cooking requirements.

How much cooking space do you need?

A typical single oven cavity is suitable for preparing basic meals for your family. However, if you enjoy culinary experimentation, cooking elaborate feasts, or preparing larger quantities of food, it is advisable to opt for a spacious main cavity or a double oven.

Choosing a large capacity oven is ideal for individuals who frequently cook for their entire family. These ovens provide ample cooking space, allowing you to accommodate multiple baking trays or large casserole dishes. With a single large cavity, you can effortlessly cook all these dishes simultaneously at a consistent temperature, eliminating the need to heat a second cavity. This convenience saves both time and energy during meal preparation, providing you with greater flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen.