Karlson AP.WA.KRL.001 60cm Built-in Warming Drawer Stainless Steel

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  • Black Glass & Stainless Steel
  • Capacity 25 kg
  • 16 Plate Load Capacity
  • Defrost Function
  • Dough Proving Function
  • Air Vented Circulation
  • Adjustable Temperature

Elevate your culinary space with our exceptional warming drawer, where elegant aesthetics meet intuitive functionality. The sleek Black Glass exterior complemented by a Stainless Steel Trim not only adds a touch of modern luxury but also ensures durability. Enjoy effortless control with the user-friendly On/Off button interface, while the convenient Push-Pull opening mechanism guarantees seamless access to your warmed dishes. With a versatile temperature range of 40°C to 75°C, this drawer accommodates various culinary needs, from plate and cutlery warming to dough proving and defrosting. Its ample capacity, holding plates up to 26cm in diameter and loading up to 16 plates, makes it perfect for gatherings. Embrace a new level of dining convenience and sophistication with a warming drawer designed to enhance your entire cooking and serving experience.

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Stylish & Functional 60cm Built-in Warming Drawer

Elegant Aesthetics: Black Glass Exterior with Stainless Steel Trim Enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen with our warming drawer's sophisticated design. The combination of sleek black glass and a stainless steel trim creates a modern and stylish look that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen décor. The contrasting materials not only add a touch of luxury but also ensure durability, making this warming drawer a functional and elegant addition to your culinary space.

Intuitive Control: Easy-to-Use On/Off Button Interface Simplify your warming experience with our user-friendly control system. The straightforward On/Off button interface eliminates any complexity, allowing you to effortlessly activate or deactivate the warming drawer as needed. This intuitive design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of the drawer's features without the hassle of navigating through complicated settings, providing you with convenience at your fingertips.

Effortless Access: Convenient Push-Pull Opening Mechanism Seamless functionality meets convenience through the innovative push-pull opening mechanism of our warming drawer. Say goodbye to traditional handles and knobs as this drawer opens effortlessly with a gentle push or pull. This thoughtful design not only adds a touch of modernity but also ensures that accessing your warmed dishes is a smooth and easy process, enhancing your overall cooking and serving experience.

Versatile Temperature Settings: Adjustable Range from 40°C to 75°C Take control of your warming needs with the versatile temperature settings offered by our drawer. Whether you're keeping your meals warm, proofing bread, or gently thawing delicate desserts, the adjustable temperature range of 40°C to 75°C provides the perfect environment. This versatility empowers you to cater to various culinary requirements, ensuring that your dishes remain at their optimal serving temperature.

Ample Capacity: Accommodates Plates up to 26cm in Diameter, with a Load Capacity of 16 Plates Designed with practicality in mind, our warming drawer offers ample space to accommodate your dinnerware. With the ability to hold plates up to 26cm in diameter, you can easily warm multiple dishes simultaneously. The generous load capacity of up to 16 plates ensures that you're well-equipped to serve a group or family gathering with efficiency. This convenient capacity, coupled with the drawer's advanced features, makes it an indispensable asset in your kitchen arsenal.


Plate & Cutlery Warming Elevate your dining experience by ensuring that every dish and utensil is at the perfect temperature with our warming drawer's plate and cutlery warming function. Say goodbye to cold plates and enjoy meals that are served with the utmost warmth, enhancing both the taste and presentation of your culinary creations. This thoughtful feature adds a touch of sophistication to your dining occasions, making every meal a delightful and memorable experience.

Keep Warm Experience the convenience of our "Keep Warm" function, designed to maintain your cooked dishes at an ideal serving temperature until you're ready to indulge. Whether it's a multi-course feast or a simple family dinner, this function ensures that your dishes retain their flavours and textures, eliminating the need for rushed serving. Say goodbye to the stress of timing and hello to the ease of extended meal enjoyment with this essential warming drawer feature.

Proving Dough For the passionate baker in you, our warming drawer offers a specialized function to aid in proving dough. Achieve perfectly risen bread and baked goods by creating an optimal environment for yeast fermentation. The controlled warmth and humidity within the drawer encourage dough to rise consistently and evenly, resulting in bakery-quality results from the comfort of your home kitchen. Embrace your baking aspirations with confidence, knowing that our warming drawer is your trusted ally in dough preparation.

Defrost Effortlessly and safely thaw frozen foods with the defrost function of our warming drawer. By providing a controlled environment that encourages even thawing, you can expedite meal preparation without compromising on food quality. Bid farewell to uneven defrosting and welcome a convenient solution that preserves the integrity of your ingredients. Whether you're in a hurry or planning ahead, this function ensures that your ingredients are ready for culinary creativity whenever inspiration strikes.


Key Information

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions
595mm x 525mm x 141mm
Oven Key Features
Warming Drawer
Width Category
5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee

Oven Specifics

Control Type
Rotary Control


Power Requirements
Requires Dedicated Power Supply
Maximum Power Rating
460 Watts
Depth for Installation
Fits In Cabinet Under Worktop
Fits In Eye Level Cabinet