Karlson AP.MW.KRL.002 60cm TFT Compact Combination Microwave

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  • Black Glass
  • Drop Down Door Style
  • Combination / Convection
  • 11 Cooking Programmes
  • 39 Litres Capacity
  • TFT Colour Display
  • Child Lock

Embark on the pinnacle of modern culinary convenience with this integrated microwave, showcasing a striking black glass façade that seamlessly merges elegance and functionality. The quadruple glazing on the door ensures unrivalled insulation, optimising cooking efficiency whilst maintaining a cool exterior for added safety. Navigate through the TFT touch control interface to unlock a realm of culinary possibilities, accompanied by the child safety lock for family-friendly reassurance. Keep an eye on your creations through the integrated viewing window, delve into 11 meticulously crafted functions and recipes, and achieve culinary accuracy with the digital timer and clock. From microwave and grill to convection oven and combination cooking, this microwave offers versatility that knows no bounds. Effortlessly slotting into your kitchen, its 39-litre capacity caters to dishes of all sizes, whilst the defrost and rapid heating functions streamline preparation. Elevate your cooking with a harmonious fusion of style, safety, and innovation.

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The integrated microwave brings together both form and function in a sleek and sophisticated package. Its elegant black glass exterior not only adds a touch of modernity to your kitchen but also seamlessly integrates with various interior themes, enhancing the overall ambiance. This microwave isn't just an appliance; it's a statement piece that effortlessly blends contemporary design with timeless sophistication.

Enhancing both cooking efficiency and safety, the microwave features innovative quadruple glazing on the door. This advanced glazing technology ensures superior insulation, optimising cooking performance by retaining heat within the cavity. At the same time, it keeps the external surface cool to the touch, providing peace of mind, especially for households with children. This combination of efficiency and safety makes it a standout choice for any kitchen.

Interacting with the microwave is a breeze thanks to its intuitive TFT touch control interface. Navigating through various cooking options and adjusting settings is effortless with a simple touch. Even the most complex functions are just a fingertip away, transforming cooking from a chore into a delightful experience. This user-friendly design ensures that anyone, regardless of culinary skill, can enjoy the full range of the microwave's capabilities.

Safety is a top priority, particularly in family-centric environments. The integrated microwave addresses this concern with a dedicated child lock feature. Activating the child lock ensures that the microwave remains inoperable, preventing accidental usage or any tampering by curious little hands. This feature offers parents peace of mind while still allowing them to safely observe the cooking process.

With an array of 11 functions and recipes, this integrated microwave transforms your kitchen into a versatile culinary hub. Whether you're defrosting, reheating, baking, or grilling, each pre-programmed function is designed to simplify the cooking process and elevate the taste and texture of your dishes. This versatility encourages culinary experimentation and empowers you to explore new horizons in the kitchen.

The microwave's spacious 39-litre cavity volume opens up endless possibilities for culinary creations. Whether you're cooking for a crowd or preparing a family meal, the ample space accommodates larger dishes, multiple servings, or entire meals with ease. This capacity is a testament to the microwave's commitment to efficiency and convenience, ensuring that you can prepare dishes of various sizes without compromise.

Achieving precision in your cooking is effortless with the microwave's TFT touch control interface. Whether adjusting temperature, time, or settings for specific functions, the responsive touch interface ensures accuracy, leading to consistently delightful outcomes across your culinary endeavours. This level of precision is essential for achieving professional-level results in your own kitchen.

Not only does the quadruple glazing on the door enhance safety, but it also contributes to energy efficiency. By minimising heat loss, this technology optimises the microwave's cooking environment, ensuring that energy is utilised effectively. This energy-conscious approach aligns with modern sustainability practices, making your culinary endeavours environmentally responsible as well as efficient.


Key Information

Product Dimensions
595mm 540mm x 455mm
Width Category
Product Weight
5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee

Microwave Specifics

Microwave Type
Gross Capacity
Cooking Programmes
Microwave Power Rating
900 Watts
Display Colour
Control Type
Colour TFT Display
Child Safety Lock


Installation Type
Tall Housing
Cable Included
Height for Installation
Depth for Installation
Fuse Rating
16 Amp
Maximum Power Rating
3450 Watts

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