Innocenti ART30119 90cm In Column Double Electric Fan Oven

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ART30119 Product Overview

Our double oven is designed to provide a superior cooking experience, with a range of advanced features that set them apart from the competition. With a capacity of 37 litres in the top oven and 74 litres in the bottom, 6 functions including a true fan function, and a conventional top oven with grill, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously with precision and ease. The programmable timer ensures perfectly timed dishes every time, and the LED display makes it easy to select the right options and set the perfect temperature and cooking time. The standard 90cm height and energy rating of A make our double ovens both practical and eco-friendly. So why not upgrade your cooking game with one of our high-quality double ovens today?

Full description

Key Features
True Fan Function
True Fan Function
Multifunction Oven
6 Functions
Programmable Timer
Fully Programmable Timer
Rotary Control Operation
Rotary Control Operation
Large Capacity
111L Large Capacity
More Key Features
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Energy Rating A
  • 5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee
  • 32 Amp Protection Rating
  • Dimensions: 595mm x 575mm x 890mm

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Key feature benefits

Our double oven doesn't just come with six functions - they come with six ways to make your life easier. Whether you're baking, roasting, grilling, or broiling, our ovens offer a range of settings that allow you to cook your meals to perfection. The six functions include conventional top oven, fanned bottom oven and more. With these versatile settings, you'll be able to take your culinary skills to the next level and impress your family and friends with your delicious creations.

With the true fan function, you can also cook multiple dishes at the same time without worrying about the flavours and aromas mixing together. This feature is perfect for cooking a roast and vegetables at the same time, as it helps to keep the flavours and aromas separate, ensuring that each dish retains its own unique taste and texture.

The conventional top oven with grill is perfect for roasting meats or making casseroles, while the fanned bottom oven is great for baking bread and pastries. With six functions at your fingertips, you'll be able to experiment with new recipes and create delicious meals that your family and friends will love.

Our double ovens feature a LED programmable timer that allows you to set the cooking time and temperature for your dishes with precision. Not only does this make cooking easier and more convenient, but it also ensures that your meals come out perfectly every time. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, the programmable timer takes the guesswork out of cooking and ensures that your dishes are cooked to perfection.

With a 90cm height and a capacity of 37L/74L, our double ovens are spacious enough to cook for large families or dinner parties. They also come with a grill pan set, so you can grill your favourite foods to perfection.

Our double ovens are energy-efficient and come with an A energy rating, which means you'll save money on your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. 

More benefits to a double oven

  1. Increased capacity: A double oven typically has a larger cooking capacity than a single oven, allowing you to cook more food at once. This is especially useful for large families or when entertaining guests.

  2. Enhanced cooking flexibility: With two separate compartments that can operate at different temperatures, a double oven allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, giving you greater cooking flexibility and saving time.

  3. Reduced cooking time: With two ovens, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously, which can reduce cooking time and help you get meals on the table faster. This is especially useful when cooking for large families or entertaining guests.

  4. Energy efficiency: Electric double ovens are generally more energy-efficient than gas ovens, which can help you save money on your utility bills over time.

  5. Convenience: With a double oven, you have the flexibility to use one or both ovens at the same time, depending on your needs. This can be especially useful when cooking a large meal that requires multiple dishes to be cooked at different temperatures or for different durations.

Overall, a double oven offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable addition to any modern kitchen. It provides increased cooking capacity, enhanced cooking flexibility, reduced cooking time, energy efficiency, and convenience, all of which can make your cooking experience easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient.


Key Information

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions
595mm x 575mm x 890mm
Oven Type
True Fan
Width Category
Product Weight
5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee

Oven Specifics

Energy Rating
Fuel Type
Control Type
Rotary Control
Grill Pan/Drip Tray Included
Number of Functions
Programmable Timer
Gross Capacity
Removable Inner Door Glass
Number of Lights
Number of Shelves
Door Glass
Double Glazed
Fascia Cooling Fan
Cooking Spaces


Power Requirements
Requires Dedicated Power Supply
Fuse Rating
32 Amp
Maximum Power Rating
4100 Watts
Fits In Cabinet Under Worktop
Fits In Eye Level Cabinet
Cut Out Size
Standard (Double Oven)