Integrated Fridge Freezers: How to Select the Right Size for Your Kitchen

Integrated Fridge Freezers: How to Select the Right Size for Your Kitchen

Upgrading from a separate fridge and freezer to an integrated version? Integrated fridge freezers will maximise your space, allowing you to make the most of the height of your kitchen and therefore save some room for other freestanding appliances.

If you’re keen to add an integrated fridge freezer to your kitchen, we’ve compiled this handy guide to make the buying process that bit easier. Read on…

Measuring Your Kitchen

Combining both a refrigerator and freezer into a single unit, integrated fridge freezers are built into kitchen cabinetry. Offering a seamless aesthetic in your space, they tend to have a custom panel or door which will complement the décor in your kitchen.

Measuring your kitchen for a combi fridge freezer is relatively straightforward. You’ll measure the height (H) from the top to the bottom, the width (W) from side to side, and the depth (D) from back to front. It’s vital to measure the space you have available, and not your existing fridge freezer or fridge and freezer. Then, simply jot down the dimensions in centimetres.

If you’re ready to add an integrated fridge freezer to the hub of your home, you’ll first need to measure your kitchen to see if it can comfortably accommodate one. 

The perfect addition to any modern kitchen, our Edesa ART29512 70/30 Built-in Combi Fridge Freezer Manual Defrost provides ample space for all your groceries and will look the part in any space.  The fridge has a 181-litre capacity, while the freezer has a 70-litre capacity.

Edesa Integrated Fridge Freezer Built-in

Integrated Fridge Freezer: Size Options

What size of integrated fridge freezer is available? The Edesa model, above, is a great choice. Offering a generous capacity for both chilled and frozen goods, this fridge freezer also comes with adjustable shelves.

Other sizes are available, too, with options for those who prefer an equal spread between fridge and freezer space, or those who’d like significantly more fridge space than freezer space. This tall fridge and freezer pack, for example, offers over 300 litres of fridge storage and a spacious 221 litres for the freezer section.

Edesa tall fridge and freezer pack from MyAppliances

Advantages and Disadvantages of Integrated Fridge Freezers

Every kitchen appliance has its advantages and disadvantages – and the integrated fridge freezer is no exception.


One of the key advantages is the space-saving element, with no room in your kitchen wasted. As aforementioned, integrated fridge freezers tend to utilise the height of a room, as opposed to the width two separate appliances would take up.

Those with smaller kitchens will benefit from making the most of an integrated fridge freezer; they also blend seamlessly into a space and will generally offer a more modern look.


Are there any downsides? Once you’ve configured your space in line with a new integrated fridge freezer, it may then prove challenging to reconfigure it if you later decide to add a single fridge or freezer to the kitchen.

Also, if a repair is needed to either the freezer or fridge, you may then be left with a bulky appliance that only half works. That said, with the right technician, repairs could be relatively straightforward – and modern appliances will come with a lengthy guarantee, too, meaning you are covered should a repair or two be required. If you’re going to add a fridge freezer to your space, it’ll be when you’re overhauling your kitchen from scratch, too. It’s unlikely, therefore, that you’ll plan to do this on a regular basis.

Adding a fridge freezer to your space offers both functionality and aesthetics; is it time you incorporated one in your kitchen?