Energy-efficient Integrated Fridge Freezers – Save Money and the Environment

Energy-efficient Integrated Fridge Freezers – Save Money and the Environment

How energy-efficient is a fridge freezer? It might not be a question many ponder while looking for a new appliance, but it’s an important one, nonetheless. After all, when you purchase a more energy-efficient fridge freezer, you could save you money, as well as protecting the environment.

In this handy guide, we answer your most-asked questions about energy-efficient integrated fridge freezers, to help you make a more informed buying decision. Read on…

What should I look for when it comes to British energy efficiency ratings?

If you’re keen to buy a fridge freezer, you might have noticed a letter – from A to G – in the product name or description, but what does this mean? 

Fridge freezers are tested for how much energy they use during typical use, before being given a rating. This rating (on the scale of A to G) is assigned to the product, with A being the most efficient, and G being the least efficient.

What should I look for when it comes to British energy efficiency ratings

What other benefits do integrated fridge freezers offer?

They generally provide an abundance of space – usually more than that of a separate fridge or freezer. This type of fridge freezer also runs relatively quietly – and it’s because no moving parts are required for their operation.

Most models also come with adjustable shelves, ideal if you’d like to customise your own storage configurations – and perfect if you often have a fridge that’s fit to bursting with food and drinks.

How to choose an energy-efficient integrated fridge freezer?

If energy efficiency is of utmost importance to you, you’ll want to look for an appliance with an ‘A’ rating.

Other things to consider are the amount of available storage space, if the integrated fridge freezer will work seamlessly in your home (and the available space), and if it will complement the rest of your kitchen. 

Integrated fridge freezers tend to be planned into your kitchen when you’re at the very beginning of a renovation project. This way, you can determine if the aesthetics of the fridge freezer you’ve chosen will work in your space.

You’ll also want to consider the size of your fridge freezer. It’s worth noting that, for more compact kitchens, an integrated model can work best, as it will make better use of the height of any given space, rather than taking up vital room that could be used for other cabinets or appliances.

How does an energy-efficient integrated fridge freezer help me save money?

Energy-efficient integrated fridge freezers use less energy than standard fridge freezers; it’s as simple as that. Over a given year, then, you could stand to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills. For more information, the Which? site has a handy guide on what to expect from energy-efficient freezers – take a look.

Will you be adding an energy-efficient integrated fridge freezer to your kitchen?