Which Type of Cooker Hood is Best?

Which Type of Cooker Hood is Best?

The cooker hood: It's not just an appliance; it's a guardian of your kitchen's atmosphere, keeping it free from smoke, odours, and excessive moisture. But with a plethora of types on the market, how do you discern which is the optimum choice? Let's dive deep into the world of cooker hoods, examining each type, their pros, cons, and ideal settings.

1. Chimney Cooker Hoods

Chimney cooker hoods

These prominent and often stainless-steel fixtures are designed to be mounted on the wall above your hob.


  • Efficient at extracting fumes, especially in larger kitchens.
  • Available in various sizes and designs to fit the aesthetics of many kitchens.
  • Typically come with powerful fans, making them suitable for heavy-duty cooking.


  • They can take up significant space and might dominate smaller kitchens.
  • Installation can be slightly more complex due to their size and weight.

Ideal for: larger kitchens with the hob positioned against a wall. Perfect for those wanting a blend of performance and modern aesthetics.

2. Island Cooker Hoods:

Island cooker hoods

Suspended from the ceiling, these hoods are tailored for kitchens with a central island hob.


  • Provides 360° extraction, capturing smoke and steam from all angles.
  • Can act as a statement piece in open-plan kitchens, given their central positioning.
  • Often equipped with extra features like ambient lighting.


  • Typically more expensive due to their design and additional features.
  • Require more robust ceiling support and careful installation.

Ideal for: Spacious kitchens with a central island. Those seeking a blend of function and form, especially in open layouts.

3. Integrated Cooker Hoods:

Integrated cooker hoods

Seamlessly built into kitchen cabinets, these hoods provide a streamlined look.


  • Discreet and blend well with kitchen cabinetry.
  • Efficient for standard cooking needs.
  • Often quieter due to their integrated nature.


  • Might not be powerful enough for heavy-duty cooking or larger kitchens.
  • Limited in design variations since they're meant to be hidden.

Ideal for: Smaller to medium-sized kitchens or for those prioritising aesthetics and a seamless kitchen design.

4. Downdraft Extractors:
Downdraft cooker hoods

A more modern option, these are integrated into the countertop and rise only when needed.


  • Extremely discreet; invisible when not in use.
  • Positioned close to the hob, they can be highly effective despite their size.


  • Complex installation, often requiring modifications to kitchen counters.
  • Might not achieve the extraction power of larger, traditional hoods.

Ideal for: Ultra-modern kitchens, those limited on wall space or desiring minimalist aesthetics.

5. Visor Cooker Hoods:

Visor cooker hoods

Compact and fitted directly to the wall, they’re one of the simpler options available.


  • Space-saving, perfect for smaller kitchens.
  • Budget-friendly compared to some other types.


  • Limited extraction capabilities.
  • Basic in terms of design and features.

Ideal for: Smaller kitchens, studio apartments, or those on a budget.


The best cooker hood for your kitchen hinges on multiple factors: the size and layout of your space, your cooking habits, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Armed with a deep understanding of each type, you're now equipped to make an informed decision that marries function with design, ensuring a harmonious and efficient kitchen environment. Remember, the best hood is the one that meets your unique needs while seamlessly integrating with your kitchen's character.

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