Recommended Serving Temperatures for Wine

Recommended Serving Temperatures for Wine

The versatility of our wine coolers is unmatched. With adjustable temperature settings ranging from 5°C to 22°C, you have the freedom to adhere to the recommended storage guidelines tailored to your specific collection. No matter the type or origin of your wines, our wine coolers offer the flexibility to create the perfect climate for their preservation and maturation.

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Discover the ultimate convenience and versatility with our dual zone wine coolers. Engineered to perfection, these coolers boast two distinct temperature storage areas that can be controlled independently. This means you can now store both red and white wines side by side in the same cooler, ensuring they are preserved at their respective optimal temperatures. Enjoy the freedom to expand your wine collection and savor the perfect glass of red or white whenever the mood strikes.

Here are the recommended serving temperatures for various types of wine in degrees Celsius:

Sparkling Wine/Champagne: 6-8°C 

This temperature range enhances the refreshing and effervescent qualities of sparkling wines.

White and Rosé Wines:

  • Light, crisp whites (e.g., Sauvignon Blanc): 8-10°C 
  • Full-bodied whites (e.g., Chardonnay): 10-12°C 
  • Rosé wines: 8-12°C 

Serving these wines at slightly cooler temperatures brings out their fruity and floral characteristics.

Light-Bodied Red Wines:

  • Young, fruity reds (e.g., Beaujolais): 12-14°C 
  • Light-bodied reds (e.g., Pinot Noir): 14-16°C 

These temperatures allow the delicate aromas and flavours of light red wines to shine.

Medium to Full-Bodied Red Wines:

  • Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon: 16-18°C 

Serving these reds at slightly warmer temperatures helps to reveal their complexity and softens the tannins.

Fortified Wines (e.g., Port, Sherry):

  • Tawny Ports: 12-16°C 
  • Vintage Ports and sweet Sherries: 16-18°C 

These warmer temperatures enhance the rich, sweet characteristics of fortified wines.

In conclusion

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Remember that these are general guidelines, and personal preference plays a role in serving temperatures. Feel free to experiment and adjust according to your taste preferences. It's better to start with a slightly cooler temperature and let the wine warm up in the glass if needed, rather than serving it too warm initially. Cheers to enjoying your wine at its optimal temperature!

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