Cata E100GSTH Silver Glass With Humidistat Display

Code: E100GSTH
  • Silver Glass
  • Timer
  • Humidistat LED Display
  • 100mm Diameter
  • Noise Level 31dB
  • Extraction 115 m3/hr
  • Complies To Latest Part F Building Regulations
  • Conforms To BS EN 60335-1:2002
  • Conforms To BS EN 60335-2-80/A2:2008

CATA E100GSTH LED and Humidistat

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Efficient Extraction 

Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, for use in bathrooms, shower rooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

The GTH models allow continuous ventilation of rooms with high humidity by activating the hygro switch.

If the humidity exceeds the set humidity value, the hygro function is activated and the fan operates at its maximum level. If the humidity level falls below the set value, the device switches back to the normal level. 

If the light is switched on in the room the fan is installed in the fan will operate at its maximum level. 

When the light switch is turned off, the unit continues to operate at the maximum level during the time set by the timer function, and finally switches back to the normal level.


Key Information

Product Dimensions
150mm x 94mm x 150mm
Duct Diameter
Product Weight
2 Year

Bathroom Fan Specifics

Bathroom Zone
Can safely be installed in Zone II
ABS Shockproof Casing
Timer Setting
3 - 15
Maximum Extraction Rate
115 m³/hour
Noise Level
31 dB
Maximum Revolutions
2600 RPM


Power Requirements
Switched Live, Permanent Live, Neutral
Suitable for Wall, Ceiling, Panel Fitting
Maximum Power Rating
8 Watts
IP Rating

Customer reviews

3.9 / 5
11 reviews for Cata E100GSTH Silver Glass With Humidistat Display
Trustpilot customer reviews
Written on 17/08/2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Written on 16/08/2020
Happy with my purchase, speedy delivery and fan looks the biz
Rated 5 out of 5
Written on 16/08/2020
The temperature is constantly wrong and the humidity is mostly a guess because the temperature monitoring is wrong. It's a fan with a cheap IC board and a few led displays. As a fan, it works well, just dont beleive what it displays.
Rated 2 out of 5
Nathan Richardson
Written on 01/07/2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Matt Allingham
Written on 01/07/2020
Had my doubts, but this is a very nicely built sleek piece of kit. After someone wired it in wrong, it was on full speed 24/7. They connected the S/L to the L, meaning the timer would not kick in. I dont have a 3 core supply wire, so cannot wire it into the lights easily, nor do I want to. If you do that, the fan will come on at full speed whenever you turn the lights on, and then switch to the timer function when you turn the lights off. Instead, I use my 2 core supply and ignore the S/L input on the unit. Flicking the switch to mode "on" inside the device means that it runs 24/7 on a the very quiet mode, meaning the digital read outs are always on too. After setting the desired time and humidity, the fun kicks into full speed once the humidity ramps up in the room. Once the humidity drops back down to the set level, the timer kicks in to what I've set, so that full blast remains for 10 mins to clear the final humidity in the room, before returning to the quiet mode. Such a cool device and fits perfectly with our new bathroom decor.
Rated 5 out of 5