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Steam Ovens

Steam Oven Cooking

What is a steam oven?

Traditional ovens use hot air that is generated by heating elements in the oven cavity and a fan distributes the air evenly around the food.

Steam ovens boil water from an inbuilt reservoir to create a cloud of steam within the oven chamber. This moist heating method is the reason why steam cooking offers significant benefits.

Benefits of steam-oven cooking

  • Steam-cooked foods retain more of their flavour, texture and colour (this is especially true of vegetables)
  • Less vitamins, minerals and nutrients are lost than with dry-heat cooking. This often means it isn't necessary to add salt or oil
  • The moist nature of steam heat means that the food doesn't dry out
  • Different types of food can share the oven without transfer of flavour
  • Steam ovens are easy to keep clean and avoid the problem of baked-in spillage associated with normal ovens

What can be cooked in a steamer?

Most foods are suitable for steam cooking: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, bread and desserts and mains and deserts can be cooked at the same time.


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