10 Ways with…Flour

Have you been keeping up with our new ’10 Ways With…’ series of blogs? We’ve covered everything from lemons to baking soda to ensure you can get the most out of those staple cooking and baking ingredients. Today on the My Appliances blog, we’re bringing you a handy ’10 Ways With Flour’ post. Why? Everyone…


Quick and Easy Weekday Meals

Dashing from the office to the polling station after work? We feel you; it’s been a long and busy day and now you need to make the most important decision you’ve made all year. But whatever you do, don’t see today out without voting! The chances are, cooking an elaborate meal will be the last…


10 Ways With…Vinegar

Did you know some of your trusty kitchen ingredients can also be used elsewhere in the home? We’ve been letting you in on some of them in our ’10 Ways With…’ series here on the My Appliances blog. First, we looked at lemons, before moving onto baking soda – and today we’re focusing on vinegar!…

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