Quick and Easy Weekday Meals

Dashing from the office to the polling station after work? We feel you; it’s been a long and busy day and now you need to make the most important decision you’ve made all year. But whatever you do, don’t see today out without voting! The chances are, cooking an elaborate meal will be the last…


10 Ways With…Lemons!

When life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade with them! We’re bringing you nine more simple yet equally effective things you can do with the inexpensive citrus fruit. It’s part of a new series here on the My Appliances blog called ’10 Ways With…’ We’ll be sharing a variety of posts with the same…


A Chocolate Mug Cake You’ll Love

Craving chocolate? With Easter just around the corner, we don’t blame you at all. And if you saw our recent post – a mug-based recipe from chef Theo Michaels – you’ll probably be itching to know what else you can whip up in a humble cup. Well, here’s a dessert to accompany the savoury treat you…


Simple Suppers: Try this Meal in a Mug

Short of time? We realise you want ways in which you can claw back some minutes and hours for yourself during the evenings, which is why we’re bringing you this quick and easy recipe from chef Theo Michaels. Renowned for his simple suppers, Theo has created a cookbook which features meals you can whip up…

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