Five Ways with Spring Flowers

We’re not going to lie, it isn’t the prospect of a mountain of choccy eggs that’s getting us excited about Easter here at My Appliances. What is it then? It’s the promise of a long weekend spent with family and friends and doing very little. We’re looking forward to tucking into a huge Easter Sunday…


Feel Like Chicken Tonight? Give This a Go…

Like chicken? Then you’ll love this recipe via Fabian Garcia – the executive head chef at Spring Studios in London. Slow-roasted drunk chicken is the perfect meal to whip up on an evening, or even over the weekend when you have guests to stay.   Slow-roasted Drunk Chicken – Serves 6                                                                                                                  You Will Need:…


Make the Perfect Parkin with Paul Squire

Christmas was weeks ago now, but here in the My Appliances office we’re still craving hearty food and stodgy, spice-filled cakes. Today, then, we’re in luck – and so are you – as Paul Squire from Cook and Waiter is sharing his recipe for the perfect parkin. Cook and Waiter, run by Paul Squire, believe that entertaining…

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